Shipping Policy
Shipment and Delivery Dates
  • All products are shipped from overseas, and we require approximately 4 to 20 business days from the purchase date for delivery. Some items, such as pre-order items, may take longer, and the estimated delivery time is specified in the product description. Please refer to the product details for more information.
  • Please note that delivery company and delivery time cannot be selected by the cutsomer.
  • ※ We will notify you of the tracking number via email when the order is shipped out.
  • ※Some products or brands, such as pre-order items or collaboration products, may have different delivery times.
Shipping Fees and Customs
  • Import taxes and customs duties are included in the product price.
  • Shipping fees vary depending on the purchased items and the delivery destination. The total shipping cost will be displayed as you proceed with the order. Please check there for confirmation.
  • We kindly ask the customer to arrange for redelivery within 5 days when delivery cannot be competed due to absence or an incorrect address.
  • Please note that the storage period for packages expires, the package will be returned and it will costs additional shipping fee for redelivery.
Returns Policy
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.
  • We will only process refunds in the case of defective items or if the received product differs from the ordered item.
  • ※ Please note that if you do not contact us within 7 days of the product's arrival, we cannot accept returns.
Order Cancellation or Modification
  • We do not accept changes, additions, or cancellations of orders after completion.
Transportation Guarantee
  • We do not provide compensation for loss or theft during transportation.
  • All purchased items come with a tracking number, allowing you to check the location information of the product on the website provided by each transportation company.
  • 所有商品均從海外發貨,從購買日期起大約4至20個工作日送抵,如預購商品等則可能需要更長的時間,預計送貨日期會在產品描述中有明確說明,請參考產品詳情獲取更多信息。
  • 請注意,目前不設送貨時段選擇。
  • ※當商品發貨後,我們將發送電子郵件通知追蹤郵件號碼。
  • ※某些預購或聯乘商品均有不同的送貨日期。
  • 所有進口稅及海關關稅已包含在產品價格中。
  • 運費根據購買的商品和送貨地址而定,在結帳時請先確認運費。
  • 當地址不正確或無法在收貨時收到包裹時,您會收到我們快遞合作夥伴的電話/ SMS來進行重新派件,或在5天內聯絡安排快遞公司重新送貨。
  • 請注意,包裹存放期限完結後,包裹將被退回,重新安排運送則將再次收取額外運費。
  • 目前不接受退貨或換貨。
  • 只有收到破損或錯誤的產品,或與所訂購的產品不同的情況下,我們才會處理退款。如出現此情況,請即聯絡我們的客戶服務團隊。
  • ※請注意,如果您收到商品後的7天內未與我們聯繫,將無法接受退貨。
  • 我們不接受完成訂單後的任何更改、添加或取消。
  • 我們不會對在運輸過程中出現的損失或失竊提供補償。
  • 購買商品後都附有一個追踪號碼,請登入快遞公司網站追蹤訂單。